Meeting a street child

I’m a bit stressed, trying to catch a taxi in the rain. The time is about to turn five in the evening, and my study group at the university is about to start. It is the worst time to catch a taxi and the worst kind of weather to be late in.

The shoes are filling up with water and I decide to cross over to the dry sidewalk on the other side of the avenue. I’m rushing through the traffic and getting on a bridge, that crosses the water canal in-between the driving directions of the avenue.

Half way up on the bridge I see a car doing a sudden and loud maneuver on the other side. It tried to avoid a kid that was running right into the traffic. The boy must have known what he was doing. His quick movements made the car’s panicked maneuver seem somewhat in vane.

The boy enter the narrow bridge as well. I notice his t-shirt is dirty and torn. We take a few steps toward each other, but the boy has no intention of crossing the bridge. With yet another smooth maneuver he gets off the bridge and jumps down into the water canal. I look down, he looks back a second and then wades over to the dry concrete and disappears underneath the bridge.

written by: Marius Taraldsen