On this page there will be published articles and useful links on street children.
You may use this page as a source to information about street children.

We will do our best to keep you informed and educated on the subject so that we can develop and do better in helping the street children.

There are many projects working actively with street children all over the globe. By sharing experiences we can get inspired and motivated to help the children in better ways.

We believe that; if a problem can go across borders, we can cross borders to find solutions.

Articles and information

Wikepedia is a free encyclopedia that produces articles on
any subject you may need information on.
They have made a good and informative article on street children.

UNESCO is a specialized United Nations agency that forges universal agreements on emerging ethical issues. They work with education, social and natural science, culture and communication. UNESCO has done worldwide studies on street children, and keep track of hundreds of projects that work for bettering their situation.

EUROPEAN FEDERATION FOR STREET CHILDREN is acting as a platform for lobbying and advocacy towards the European Union. It provides non-governmental organisations committed to this cause with information and advice concerning street children and youth.

UNICEF work for child protection and promotes children's rights. On their webpage you’ll find articles on child the situation of children world wide.

Projects working with street children

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