About the project

“We want to see a world without children working and living on the street”

What do we do?
The Barefoot Children Project works to provide information on street children. The intention is to inspire people to engage themselves in the fight against poverty.

Our information work is based on personal experience. The members of Barefoot Children Project have either worked, or are working, with street children.

Our goals:
*Give people an understanding of the street children’s circumstances

*Get people engaged in the fight against poverty

What do we use to provide information?
-the web

The project is built on:

Understanding the goals
When talking about “circumstances”; we have two things in mind. We focus on the street children’s hard circumstances on the street. But we also talk about the circumstances and the process that lead children into becoming street children.

By presenting and explaining the street children’s fully exposed reality, we hope to engage people in the fight for a world where children won’t have to live, nor work on the streets.

Why fight poverty?
Marcus Aurelius once said that: “Poverty is the mother of crime”.

Poverty is forcing people into desperation. It takes away opportunities from people in great need. Many are turned into criminals as they desperately try to have their basic needs met.
The destructive patterns of poverty can lead parents into maltreatment and abuse of their own children. Millions of children are forced to work long days on the street, in order to provide for the family. Often children are taken from the street and put into child labour. Parents loose their children every day to child trafficking.

Bono once said: “fighting poverty is not about charity, it’s about justice!”

To fight poverty is to fight for children's opportunities to grow up in a safe home, and not on the street. 
Why engage people?
We believe, that by engaging people in the fight against poverty we can bring hope and opportunities to the street children and their families. There are many ways of fighting poverty, but our concern is not whether people engage themselves politically, socially or econmically. Our concern is rather that people have a commitment and a clare picture of what they are fighting against. That is what the barefoot children provide.  

Our values
Hope is the Barefoot Children Project’s most important value. To work with street children is to work with a hope of something better. We need the children to have faith in themselves and hope for the future. It’s important that people believe in them.
People need hope to get engaged in the fight for something better!

Dignity is the sensation of being worth something. This is something street children often struggle to understand. We want street children to be seen, loved and taken care of,
so that they may believe in themselves.

Equality is to respect another beyond race, gender, religion or place of birth. It is to see your self and others with equal rights. We wish for children to live according to their rights in every corner of the world, no matter the faith, the race or the gender. 

Justice is children that get to grow up, families that are taken out of poverty and a world seen as a better place.

Commitment to the fight against poverty, to working with the street children, to loving our neighbor is what keeps the Barefoot children Project going.