About Us

The history
In October 2008 two students from Norway went to Santa Cruz, Bolivia to volunteer in the work with street children.

They were both young and unexperienced. Nonetheless, they were touched by the children’s innocence and their heart braking stories. The students engaged themselves in the fight for a world without street children. The street children’s rough environment became their working location.

For over a year they had been dreaming of making a documentary film about street children. The opportunity came to them when an experienced coworker said yes to helping them with interviews of the children. Some of the children lived in the more dangerous areas of Santa Cruz, where older street adults and drug dealers could get aggressive if you brought a camera around.

The documentary “Barefoot Children” was filmed in March and April 2009.

At first the Barefoot Children Project was just an idea of how to promote the documentary, but the idea was changed during the planning. As the students got more involved
and increased their understanding of the street children’s reality, they wanted to aim higher. They came up with a vision:
“We want to see a world without children working and living on the street”

When the project had it’s own vision, the goals for the project started to take form. It was decided that the Barefoot Children Project should provide information. The goals should be to show the children and by that inspire people to make a true commitment.

It is a project based on dreams. Our dream is that people may see these children like we have seen them. That people may learn how to love them and care for them, so that they may have a better life.